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6 Hour Genealogical Research Project- The purpose of this project is to research and make the necessary documentation to identify your Virginia ancestors to the extent that the available research time and the surviving records will allow. This effort will be devoted to research on the selected family according to goals mutually agreed upon. The minimum time of this project is 6 hours which includes the time required for research, analysis and compiling of a detailed report. Additional research time may be requested at the rate of $40.00 per hour. This research project will also require additional fees to cover the cost of document copies and postage. If the project includes travel outside of the Richmond Metro area, there may also be travel related expenses.

Due to the uncertain nature of the available surviving records, the outcome of any genealogical or historical research project cannot be guaranteed. Our fees cover research, reporting and analysis time and not the outcome of the effort. Our professional fees are not refundable.

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Other Services:

Document Searches-We can help you with your family history research by providing you with the convenience of Document Search Services that you can order by e-mail or U.S. Mail.

We can perform a variety of document searches such as deed, will, marriage and census and provide you with photocopies and/or scanned images of the results.

Please note: We can not guarantee that a particular document will be available. For example: If a census taker missed your ancestor's house, we will not be able to find his or her name in that census. However, the report we send you will recommend other records as substitutes, if they exist, and other possible avenues of research.

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Computer Data-entry Assistance

This service provides you with computer data-entry assistance of your family information. You provide us with copies of documents and other family information. We then enter the information into Family Tree Maker ® genealogy computer program. The files are then sent to you on CDrom in FTM or GEDCOM format which can be entered into your personal computer.

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Deciphering Colonial Virginia Handwriting

This service provides you with transcription assistance. If you have received an original Virginia will, court, land record, or other document that is written in a difficult style of handwriting, we can provide you with a transcription. Please note that “word-for-word” transcriptions may not be possible in the case of poor copies due to damaged or faded documents.

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Military Records Research
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Revolutionary Records

Virginia Confederate Records



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