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Colonial parish records consists of registers and vestry books. The registers are genealogically important because they record vital statistics. There is also genealogical information that can be obtained from the vestry books. The vestry was a group of twelve men who carried out duties, not only of the church, but also of the county government. Duties of the vestry included establishing the parish levy, caring for the poor, and processioning land boundaries. Individuals will often appear in parish records when they do not in other county records of the period.

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We have access to the following
Colonial Era Parish Records:

Abingdon Gloucester 1678-1762,
1776-77, 1780
Albemarle Surry & Sussex 1717-78,
Antrim Halifax none 1752-1818
Augusta Augusta none 1746-82, 1786
Blisland New Kent &
James City
none 1721-86
Bristol Prince George &
1720-92 1720-89
Bruton &
York &
James City
1662-1797 none
Camden Pittsylvania none 1767-1852
Charles York 1648-1789 none
Christ Church Middlesex 1653-1821 1663-1767
Cumberland Lunenburg none 1746-1816
Cunningham Chapel Clarke none 1772-1893
Dettingen Prince William none 1745-1802
Elizabeth City Elizabeth City none 1751-1883
Elizabeth River Norfolk none 1749-61
Fairfax Alexandria &
none 1765-1843
Frederick Frederick none 1764-1818
Fredericksville Louisa &
none 1742-87
Henrico Henrico none 1730-73
Hungars Northampton none 1758-82
Kingston Gloucester & Mathews 1749-1827 1679-1796
King William Powhatan 1721-54 1707-50
Lunenburg Richmond 1783-1800 none
Lynnhaven Princess Anne none 1723-1892
(and Upper)
Isle of Wight none 1724-72
North Farnham Richmond 1663-1814 none
Overwharton Stafford 1724-74 none
Petsworth Gloucester none 1677-1793
St. Andrew's Brunswick none 1732-97
St. Anne's Albemarle none 1772-85
St. George's Accomack none 1763-87
St. George's Spotsylvania none 1726-1842
St. James-Northam Goochland none 1744-1806
St. Mark's Spotsylvania,Orange
and Culpeper
none 1730-85
St. Mary's
Lancaster none 1739-88
St. Patrick's Prince Edward none 1755-74
St. Paul's New Kent
and Hanover
none 1705-86
St. Paul's Stafford
and King George
1715-98 none
St. Peter's New Kent
& James City
1685-1786 1684-1758
St. Stephen's Northumberland 1661-1810 none
Shelburne Loudoun none 1771-1805
South Farnham Essex none 1739-79
Southam Powhatan none 1745-1836
Stratton Major King & Queen none 1729-83
Suffolk Nansemond 1744-1839 1749-1856
Tillotson Buckingham 1773-74,
Truro Fairfax none 1732-85
Upper (Suffolk) Nansemond none 1743-93
Wicomico Northumberland none 1703-95

Source of tabulation: A Guide to Church Records in the Archives Branch, Virginia State Library and Archives by Jewell T. Clark and Elizabeth Terry Long.

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