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OPEX Long Distance Service, proudly offered by Communitec, provides US-based companies and individuals with quality, inexpensive domestic and international long distance telephone service. Sign up today and get up to 100 FREE State-to-State minutes! (limited time offer) 1-Plus Interstate Rate 4.5 cents/min 1-Plus Intra-State Rate click here Monthly Fee none* Inbound Toll-Free Rate 4.5 cents/min Inbound Toll-Free Service $2/month** International Rates click here Billing Increments 1 minute Minimum Call Length 1 minute 1-Plus Interstate Rate 4.9 cents/min 1-Plus Intra-State Rate click here Monthly Fee none* Inbound Toll-Free Rate 4.9 cents/min Inbound Toll-Free Service $2/month** International Rates click here Billing Increments 6 seconds Minimum Call Length 18 seconds *A $2 billing fee is waived if your combined bill is over $20 **$2/month for the first inbound line, and 53 cents for each additional inbound line OPEX eBill is a secured electronic invoice. OPEX will provide users a convenient monthly email notification to initiate access to the current month’s invoice. Cost: FREE OPEX Paper-Bill is a regular hard-copy monthly invoice send via US Mail. Cost: FREE OPEX Combo-Bill is a combination of both eBill and Paper Bill. OPEX will send you an electronic notification of your bill as well as hard copy invoice send via US Mail. Cost: $1.99 Receive an 8% discount by prepaying for your OPEX service! The minimum prepay amount is just $20 for residential customers and $50 for business customers. There is a 99 cent charge every time you have to recharge your account. OPEX will charge the pre-pay increment to your credit card or checking account upon signing up with OPEX's Service. All additional charges to your credit card or checking account will be on a recurring basis when your OPEX Service has used up 90% of your pre-pay increment. You may change your pre-pay increment at any time. Pay your OPEX bill with Auto-Pay, which will automatically deduct your monthly balance due from either your checking account or any major credit card. Pay your bill yourself, via check sent through US Mail, every month. To switch your long distance to OPEX, simply click here to find out what our rates are in your area and to begin the order process. Your information is only used *strictly* for the sole intention of setting up your long distance account. Your information will never be sold or given to any third party. To apply for service, use the links below to direct you to our online or printable offline application forms: 1-Up to 100 FREE State-to-State Minutes! (applied to third month's bill) 2-Low state-to-state and in-state rate. (from 4.5 cents/min!) 3-Low inbound toll-free rates. (billed at your 1+ interstate/in-state rates) 4-Low monthly minimum charges. (another rarity) 5-Online signup makes it easy for you to switch your long distance securely right over the internet! 6-Deep Discounts. (8% off if you pay by Pre-Pay) 7-Online Customer Service. (24 Hours/Day - 7 Days/Week) Terms of this service are subject to Cognigen policies and its carriers' tariffs. State-to-State and In-State rate varies based on your location. Up to 100 free state-to-state minutes will be credited on your third month's bill. Calls to HI, AK, PR, Guam, and USVI are 23 cents/min. All calls on the 4.5 plan are billed in 60 second increments - 60 second minimum.All calls on the 4.9 plan are billed in 6 second increments - 18 second minimum. $2.00 fee if usage is less than $20.00. $2.00/mo fee for inbound toll free service, per account. FCC imposed USF fee of 6.71% and a PICC fees apply: $3.25/line for additional Commercial lines (the first commercial line and all residential lines are free of charge). All residential orders for customers in California and South Dakota must be voice verified regardless of whether or not an offline order has been submitted. The customer may use the voice verification system which is already in place, or may verify by using the new dial-in option at (877)455-9964, where a verification # will be given and reported on the LOA by the customer/agent. Commercial accounts will not be effected by this new process. OPEX is a Trademark of OPEX Communications Inc. © 2001 Cognigen Networks Inc.