Mail-In Research Request and Agreement Form

Please print and complete this form when requesting research.
Attach additional information as necessary.


Mail to: James and Karen Ward

9906 Warson Court
Richmond, VA 23237



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Date: ____________


Name: _________________________


Address: ________________________







Fees and Expenses: Project fees are $40 per hour, plus normal expenses such as copy

and postage, with a 6 hour minimum project time. A retainer of 50% of the requested

project hours is due before research begins.



Indicate type of Service Requested


           6 Hour Genealogical Research Project:                                        $240.00

Please list the major surnames to be researched along with the

area and time period in Virginia. List your research objectives.

Attach photocopies or summaries of any previous research.

(Never send originals or any materials which need to be

 returned.) The minimum Genealogical Research Project is

6 hours which includes the time required for research, analysis

and compilation of a detailed report.


Please indicate any additional project hours. 

Number of hours _____ at $40.00 per hour. . .           ­                                 _______





Enclosed is a check or money order in the amount of $___________ as a retainer.

I hereby authorize research on my behalf for an amount not to exceed $_______,

according to my instructions.

Briefly state research goals here and attach additional information as necessary:








Due to the uncertain nature of the available surviving records, the outcome of any

genealogical or historical research project cannot be guaranteed. Our fees cover

research, reporting and analysis time and not the outcome of the effort. Our

professional fees are not refundable.


Signature of Client: ____________________________________________________

Please Contact Us first should you have any questions about your research project.


Other services:


_____ Document Search:                                                                    $40 per hour

Requested documents searched and copied (if located)                         (Plus expenses)

at The Library of Virginia. Please identify the document(s)

to be searched and copied and include what is known

about the names, dates and places.


This cost of this service is $40 per hour, with a ½ hour minimum

document search time, plus copy and mailing expenses.  Please

contact us for an estimate when requesting searchfor multiple

documents. A 50% retainer is required when requesting multiple

document searches.


Due to the uncertain nature of the available surviving records,

 we cannot guarantee the success of finding any particular


Please Contact Us should you have any questions about the availability

of any particular document or if you have questions about the costs of

obtaining copies of documents from other Virginia libraries or County



Amount of Payment Enclosed: _________________



_____ Computer Data-entry Assistance:                                            $40 per hour                                                                                                          

                                                                                                             (Plus expenses)                                                             

Our fee for data-entry into Family Tree Maker® is $40.00 per hour.

Additional expenses may include the costs of compiling booklets or

CDroms depending on the needs of the client. Please contact us for

an estimate based on the details of your particular data-entry needs.

A 50% retainer, based on estimated fees and costs, is required.


Amount of Payment Enclosed: ________________



_____ Deciphering Colonial Virginia Handwriting:                           $40 per hour 


Our fee for transcribing documents is $40.00 per hour with a ½ hour

minimum transcription time.  The time required for transcribing documents

averages 30 to 45 minutes per page.  Occasionally difficult documents may

take longer.  Normally there are no additional expenses associated with the

transcription of documents.  Please note that poor document copies, due to

faded or damaged documents, may prevent “word-for-word” transcriptions

of some documents or sections of documents. Never send us the original

document or any copies which need to be returned.

Please contact us for an estimate when requesting transcriptions of long or

multiple documents. A 50% retainer, based on the estimated transcription time,

is required.


Amount of Payment Enclosed: _______________


Please make checks or money orders payable to:

James and Karen Ward

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using PayPal. To make payment to us via our PayPal account,

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