Virginia Confederate Ancestor Search
conducted at the archives of The Library of Virginia in Richmond
by James & Karen Ward of Virginia Family Research.

The Search Includes:

The 1860 U.S. Census for Virginia
Research for your Confederate ancestor in census data can be helpful in identifying his place of residence, approximate age at enlistment and marital status. This type of information can help to ensure that the records of the correct soldier are researched in the case of individuals with the same or similar name.

Compiled Military Service Records
Typical available data includes:
Enlistment data, absences, discharges, hospitalizations, deaths, captivity, rank and identification of the military organization. Copies of original one-name documents drawn from the files of the Confederate War Department. Enlisted men may or may not have original papers, while officer's records could have many documents attached. We will search and make copies of the available records for your ancestor.

Company Rosters
The General Assembly passed an act in 1884 directing the adjutant general to compile a roster of all those who served from Virginia in the Confederate armed forces. Very little progress was made until 1904 when the General Assembly passed an act creating a Secretary of Virginia Military Records. This office was charged with gathering material for the federal project authorized by Congress in 1903 for the assembling of muster rolls for all the Confederate states.

This collection consists of the loose materials assembled as part of this project as well as 21 volumes which were transcribed from the originals and bound. The original materials and bound volumes are arranged by branch of service and further arranged by unit. These records were important in establishing proof of military service particularly for veterans applying for state pensions. We will search the appropriate Company Roster for additional information on your ancestor and make copies of any relevant information found.

Confederate Pension Rolls, Veterans and Widows
This collection consists of pension applications and amended applications filed by resident Virginia Confederate veterans and their widows. The applications contain statements pertaining to the service record of the applicants and may include medical evaluations, information about the income and property of the veterans or their widows, and, in the case of widows, the date and place of marriages. The collection also includes claims submitted by more than five hundred African Americans who had worked as cooks, herdsmen, laborers, servants, or teamsters in the Confederate army. We will search the veterans and widows pension data base for you ancestor, and make copies if an application exists.

To begin the search:

We need to know the name of the individual (with any known variations such as spelling, etc.).
As there are often a number of soldiers with the same or similar name, it is sometimes helpful to know the county or region of residence and the names of wives and children.

Our fee for researching and copying any records located for one Virginia Confederate Soldier is $40. This fee includes our research time, copy costs and mailing costs.

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